Granite Tales – Myths, City Legends, and Fabrications (Of your Other Type)

The following bits of commercial granite folklore are actually taken directly from client responses and concerns, items circulating online, and conversations with many hundreds of homeowners who graced me using the opportunity to company their industrial granite. Just for exciting, I will provide you with a minor background on each, the place they arrived from, and just how they acquired started off. Just in case you haven’t listened to some of these in advance of, you can be ready if they eventually make their way ’round to you personally!

Make sure you observe I use the time period “Rockies Granite ” throughout this post. It’s because we have been referring to stones which can be sold commercially as granite, instead when compared to the (really) narrow subset of stones that satisfy the scientific definition.

1.) My Contractor / Granite Salesperson / World wide web Guru (Pick Your preferred Perpetrator) Explained My Granite Doesn’t Require Sealing – Those people of you that have read through my former work are in all probability unwell of me harping on this, but I (sad to say) listen to this a single much more typically than all many others. It is the most harming of every one of the granite routine maintenance malpractices you may commit in case you count on this unsound information.

Apparently, you will discover two or three Online “experts” who semi-endorse this fallacy (but will sell you their impregnator for those who Certainly, Actually insist on owning 1, and theirs lasts For good… Hilarious!). A person even goes thus far concerning point out that the actual physical houses of granite dictate it under no circumstances needs to be sealed (amusing, additionally they have got a “lifetime” sealer available for sale two paragraphs afterwards).

I had been in not long ago in Los angeles, checking out a house manager who experienced stains in somewhere around 1/3 on the 305 professional granite counters they lately installed inside their freshly renovated luxury residences. I want I could have brought the naysayers with me in order that they could persuade the distraught routine maintenance individuals that those oil and wine stains had been only figments of their creativity…

Through the contractor perspective, again during the negative aged days, impregnators were being generally dependant on silicone derivatives. Although fantastic from h2o, they have been (and so are) weak performers in opposition to oil-based stains. Moreover, if they were being over-applied, the impregnator residues on the surface of the stone would also soak up oil. Double whammy. Here’s the logic: If it can be a supplied that oil stains are definitely the worst to remove, and if the impregnator will not likely end them anyway, why trouble? Which was inside the late ’80s – this is often 2007, and we have now technological know-how that may quit oil staining useless in its tracks. Like all misinformation, it has a little root actually, and it dies slowly and gradually.

The web folks have unique motivations. Both these are:

A: looking to offer you granite slabs by disavowing any faults commercial granite has, or

B: utilizing reverse psychology product sales procedures (badly, I’d include) to offer you their impregnator.

two.) My Neighbor Informed Me My Granite Isn’t really Safe and sound Because it Harbors and Grows Higher Quantities of Germs – This a single remains to be circulating regardless that it has been verified bogus various moments by equally governing administration and marketplace organizations. Make sure you permit me the opportunity to set the file straight on this a person, after and for all – it is absolute garbage. Actually, thoroughly maintained professional granite surfaces are some of the most sanitary you should buy. Like all other foodstuff prep surfaces, industrial granite should be adequately cleaned.

It really is extensively held the suppliers of man-made counter major resources commenced these rumors, even though no stable evidence exists. In summary, The Countrywide Institute for Occupational Basic safety and Well being has provided business granite a clear invoice of health and fitness, as has the Facilities for Condition Handle (CDC).